Rob Cook has been working with teens for over 13 years - meeting them on the street, lending a hand, buying a lunch, sharing his life and his faith.  "I just want to do for others what someone did for me when I was a teen," says Rob.  In 2006, Rob rented 3 West Main Street in Lansdale to create a place where teens could come, be accepted, hang out, hear good music, play games, meet some role models and hear a story that changed the lives of millions.  There have been many challenges, but the changed lives have been worth it!




God has given me an incredibly big dream to minister to teens.  I was an at risk teen and I know how many of them feel.  My passion is to reach young people walking the streets with no direction. I wanted to create a ministry where they would be accepted. I wanted to show them who Jesus really was - and is. I wanted to show them God wanted a relationship, not a religion. I'm working to put together a team to make all this happen. Would you consider partnering with me? I would love to talk to you more about what God is doing in the lives of teens in this area. Great things are happening!


   -Rob Cook


PO Box 1135 • Lansdale, PA • 215-804-6420
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